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How Much Can I Lose If I Have An Affair?

This is a question I get asked by guys why are “asking for a friend” all the time. It’s almost hilarious how many times questions about adultery are being asked for someone else.


There is actually a ton of information on this topic readily online. did a piece that highlights some of data nicely. You can figure out some of the immediate costs pretty easily. You’ll see things like hotel rooms, secret credit card accounts, gifts, and etc pile up and can easily cost thousands. But once things get heated up, costs can really get out of control.

Remember, a lot of guys having an affair have a family they still care about very much. Some of the women (not all) they are in affairs with aren’t afraid to exploit that. Blackmail can happen very quickly once your sexy secret turns into another relationship headache. On average, an affair usually lasts around 6 months and costs around $450 per month according to the study.

That’s the easy and cheap part. Things really start to get expensive when your spouse finds out. There’s a compounding effect of contempt on one side and guilt on the other that creates a perfect storm for you to give away everything before a lawyer is even called. This happens more than you’d think.

If you do decide to battle it out in the courts, you are subject to public humiliation, a nightmare process, losing more money, and potentially effecting your public image. The more you have to lose, then the more you are likely to lose. While success is a great thing, it’s also good to remember that in this situation it becomes a target. If you weren’t successful, she wouldn’t be asking for what you don’t have. (or would she? blog for another day)

What to expect if you do get caught?

Well, you’re already thousands of dollars into this thing if you’re like the average adulterer. Now you’re caught and it’s going to get worse. Much much worse. We always hear stories of her taking the house or the car or whatever in the divorce but if that’s all she gets than you are lucky.

It’s not uncommon for a man to lose around 77% of his net worth in divorce and don’t even think you have a chance keeping the kids in most states. What’s more, is that many states have alimony laws that will keep you paying for many years to come.

It’s a very backwards system that’s easily tampered with. Just remember to try keeping your profile secret and while you’re at it… keep your SnapSexts to a minimum. It could literally cost you millions.